Amla Extract
Water-soluble extract of Indian gooseberry with high ORAC value
Antioxidant super-fruit; standardized using a valid biomarker β-glucogallin

  • Amla is a “Rasayana” or rejuvenative “superfruit” from the Ayurvedic tradition, pickled and preserved for its health good value
  • It is used as an integral component of healthful preparations, such as Chyawanprash and Triphala
  • The major active components are hydrolysable tannins with potent antioxidant action (beta-glucogallin and mucic acid gallate)
  • GRAS Self-Affirmed: March 2009
  • User Level: Upto 500 ppm in Specific Foods
  • Safety Level: 995.37mg/person/day is safe


  • Baked Goods
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Other Grains
  • Fats & Oils
  • Milk Products
  • Cheese
  • Frozen Dairy
  • Soft Candy
  • Confectionary & Frosting
  • Gelatins & Puddings
  • Soups
  • Snack Foods
  • Non-alcholic Beverages
  • Imitation Dairy Products
  • Hard Candy
  • Sugar Substitutes
  • Instant Coffee & Tea


  • AU2010326651
  • EP2461786