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Code Product Name Standardization Functional Activity
1460 Olepent® (1) New
INCI: Oleanoyl sh-Pentapeptide-4
90% Oleanoyl pentapeptide Anti-aging
Preserve skin moisture
1459 Oletrip® (2) New
INCI: Applied
90% Oleanoyl tripeptide Anti-aging
1585 PeptiSeLect® (3)
INCI: Methylseleno Carboxypropylglutamine
98% γ–Glutamyl-L-Selenomethionine
23% Selenium
Hair care


(1) Olepent®

CA 2975170, EA035128, AU2015381703: Oleanoyl peptide compositions and collagen enhancement.

US 8,383,594: Peptides modified with triterpenoids and small organic molecules: Synthesis and use in cosmeceuticals.

US 8,987,212;AU2011265587; JP6176893: Oleanoyl peptide composition and a method of treating skin aging.

US 10,071,043: Oleanoyl peptide composition and skin hydration.

(2) Oletrip®

US 10,588,844; RU2733372: Process for preparing tripeptide containing oleanolic acid and its therapeutic applications thereof.

(3) PeptiSeLect®

US 8,003,614: Novel dipeptides incorporating selenoamino acids with enhanced bioavailability.

US 8,193,156: Dipeptides incorporating selenoamino acids with enhanced bioavailability- synthesis, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications thereof.