Dr. Nagarajan


Dr. A. Nagarajan is the Vice President and associated with the company for the last 22 years. He obtained his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Madras. He has three years post doctoral research experience at the University of Oklahoma, USA in the area of organometallic and organic chemistry.

His research interests include synthetic methodology, synthesis of chiral molecules and bioactive natural products and to study their significance on biological system. He has more than 30 years of research experience in the field of Organic Chemistry and has published more than 15 articles in reputed journals.



General Manager

Viswam is the General Manager at Hanbury FZE, Dubai, currently managing Administration and Finance. His responsibilities include ensuring compliance with various regulatory bodies, in addition to overseeing logistics, warehousing and operations. He is also involved with developing and managing revenue growth and profitability.

His 30+ years of service in previous roles have been immensely versatile, offering him experience in diverse industries like Banking, travel and logistics, including Air and Sea Freight.